KEYTEX Energy Reaches Milestone in Pennsylvania Electricity Markets

KEYTEX Energy, a leading energy services and procurement firm located in Greensburg Pennsylvania, recently announced that they have placed over 1 billion kilowatt hours (KWH) of client electricity usage with competitive suppliers. As rate caps in the remaining areas of Pennsylvania are set to expire at year’s end, this milestone is a significant step in the company’s growth strategy and positions KEYTEX at the forefront of deregulated energy procurement in Pennsylvania. KEYTEX Energy’s client base includes steel mills, school districts, colleges and universities, municipalities, manufacturing facilities, health care facilities, and various other commercial and industrial properties.

“While the pace of our customer signings have exceeded expectations, it was not totally unexpected” says Chuck Lanager, one of the principals of KEYTEX Energy. “With the generation rate caps expiring in most of Pennsylvania at the end of 2010, and historically low prices for both natural gas and electricity, many customers are trying to lock in prices now and reduce their exposure to volatile energy markets.”

KEYTEX specializes in helping commercial and industrial clients procure the best combination of price and contract terms to meet their energy needs, using a competitive process that shops their usage to over a dozen qualified suppliers. The company’s fees are paid by the suppliers, not the customers. The pool of competitive suppliers is constantly updated and pre-qualified by KEYTEX as new suppliers enter the markets. This broad supplier group allows KEYTEX to service customers in virtually any state where electricity or natural gas are deregulated. By constantly monitoring national energy markets, KEYTEX can advise clients as to when is the best time to sign a contract, as well as when it is the best time to renegotiate and extend. The company also provides a full range of other energy related solutions, from efficiency and sustainability audits to demand response programs.


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