Penelec and Met Ed Finalize 2011 Prices


First Energy utilities have filed their new generation prices that will begin in January 2011 when generation caps are lifted.  First Energy has published their “Price to Compare”, or “PTC”, for residential and small and medium non-residential customers in their Pennsylvania Electric Company and Metropolitan Edison Company territories. The “Price to Compare” is what customers will pay the utility for generation and transmission service beginning January 1, 2011. Examples of the impact on customers are shown below:

Current PTC

2011 PTC



Residential (rate RS)

5.697 cents/kWh

 7.030 cents/ kWh


Small/medium non- residential (Rate GS-Medium)

6.314 cents/kWh

 7.244 cents/ kWh


Met Ed

Residential (rate RS)

8.045 cents/ kWh

  8.300 cents/ kWh


Small/medium non- residential (Rate GS-Medium)

7.701 cents/ kWh

  8.190 cents/ kWh


In addition to the PTC, customers will also pay distribution costs (the cost to deliver electricity to the customer). The PTC typically account for two-thirds of the utility bill.  More importantly, larger customers with peak demands over 400 kW will not receive a fixed price – they will pay a variable price based on the actual hourly price of wholesale electricity.

Customers are free to purchase their generation and transmission from a licensed third party supplier. KEYTEX Energy assists customers in finding the most beneficial combination of price and contract terms to minimize the impact of the expiration of rate caps. In most cases, KEYTEX customers are able to receive fixed pricing below these estimated PTC’s, with contract terms as long as three years.

Contact a KEYTEX Energy representative at (724) 468-6500 to discuss your options

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