Silver Lining PPL

Silver Lining for PPL Cusotmers

There may be a silver lining to the timing of the expiration of PPL Electric Utilities generation rate caps. Wholesale prices for electricity are currently at multi-year lows, allowing customers who act quickly to lock in prices significantly lower than PPLs 2010 "Price to Compare".

"We have seen some LP 4 and GS3 customers save as much as 15% or more compared to the new PPL Electric Utility generation rates" said Mike Dandrea of KEYTEX Energy. "The actual amount of savings will vary based on the customer's usage patterns, but there is definitely a good buying opportunity for medium to large customers."
The price offered by competitive Electric Generation Suppliers depends heavily on the wholesale price of electricity and the underlying price of the fuels used to produce it, like coal and natural gas. The downturn in the economy and the mild weather this past summer have driven these prices down recently. However, as with most commodity markets, this situation could change anytime. A disruption to the fuel supplies or a long stretch of colder than expected weather would change the supply and demand situation, possibly causing an abrupt price increase.

Customers should act quickly to take advantage of this situation. KEYTEX Energy, formed in 2007 by former utility and energy marketing professionals, helps clients achieve the best possible price by pitting competing suppliers against each other. KEYTEX does all the work necessary to obtain competitive quotes and execute contracts. "Most customers don't have the time or expertise necessary to fully understand the electricity market. We take the burden of off them so that they can focus on operating their business. We also have the experience necessary to analyze competing offers to put them on an "apples to apples" basis so the customer can make a fully informed decision. And since we operate a wholesale trading floor that buys and sells electricity daily, we have instantaneous access to wholesale market prices to keep suppliers honest."

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