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Consulting Services

With our team of energy professionals, we are able to offer consulting services for a wide range of energy related subjects.

Sales tax audits – is your business paying energy related sales tax on your entire usage? If so, you may be overpaying. A detailed analysis by KEYTEX Energy could not only correct this problem going forward, but would also allow you to file for recovery of past overpayments.

FTR analysis – Financial Transmission Rights (FTR’s) are one of the most complicated financial instruments in the energy industry. For customers in certain regional locations, quantifying the value of the FTR’s associated with their load is critical to understanding the value that can be gained by various alternative procurement strategies.

Market studies – Whether markets studies are required for projecting future expenditures, future revenue from generation assets, or maximizing shift schedules, KEYTEX Energy offers real-time market intelligence through our on-site trading floor, as well as the analytical personnel necessary to do detailed market related studies.

Retail RFP services – If your procurement strategy requires a formal RFP process, KEYTEX Energy can provide the expertise required to structure the process, create the documents, qualify and interview participants, provide analysis of bids, and documentation of results.

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