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The wholesale energy markets are very complex. Unlike other commodities such as oil, gas, wheat or grain, electricity cannot be stored. At any given moment there is a delicate balance where electricity supply from power plants must exactly meet electrical demand from customers. This fundamental principal makes the electricity markets unique in many ways. Prices can be very volatile and difficult to predict.

Picture of electricity generating wind turbinesOn the electricity grid, market prices change minute by minute for reasons such as weather, generator outages, power line outages, electrical “congestion”, electrical demand from customers, and behavior of traders transacting in the market. Understanding the impact of these items on the market is key to understanding how and when electricity prices will move. This is where KEYTEX Energy Separates itself from other Energy Companies, Consultants and Brokers.

At KEYTEX Energy our knowledge and energy industry experience clearly separate us from our competition. Our energy professionals transact in wholesale energy markets across the country every day from our state-of-the-art energy trading floor. We not only monitor all key drivers of electricity prices minute by minute, but we construct and operate sophisticated analytical models that help our traders take positions in the market.

At KEYTEX Energy you can TRUST US to understand the complex wholesale energy markets
...So that you don’t have to.
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With in-house experience, KEYTEX Energy brings wholesale expertise
and capabilities in the following:

Load Serving Entity (LSE) related services

  • Forecasting of customer load requirements
  • Purchasing for customer load in the PJM Day-Ahead (DA) or Real-time (RT) markets
  • Securing congestion management products (ARR’s / FTR’s)  and providing required analysis
  • Securing renewable energy credits in accordance with state requirements
  • Securing PJM capacity
  • Review of PJM settlement statements
  • PJM settlement point strategies and analysis

Financial Hedging related services

  • Work with customer to determine risk tolerance
  • Analysis to determine appropriate financial hedging point
  • Execution of hedging transactions through clearing agents
  • Management of collateral
  • Reviewing of ICE/NYMEX settlement statements

Demand Response related services

  • Act as customer’s Curtailable Service Provider (CSP)
    • Aggregate the demand of retail customers
    • Register the demand with PJM
    • Submit verification of demand reductions for payment by PJM
  • Provide consultation and analysis as to which of PJM’s Demand Response programs (if any) would benefit you based upon the load profile and operational constraints of your business
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