What Makes KEYTEX Energy Unique?

We are a SINGLE provider for ALL electricity & natural gas related services


  • Competitive retail energy procurement based upon ALL available suppliers, and ALL available retail products of each of those suppliers.
  • We have the technical expertise to evaluate the risks associated with each product so we can recommend a product that matches your risk tolerance.
  • NATIONAL ACCOUNTS - With our analytical approach to procurement and management of energy accounts, KEYTEX Energy is particularly well suited to managing multi-location and National accounts, where understanding regional differences in EDC rules and opportunities becomes critical.
  • Energy Trading
  • Our energy trading floor gives us the real time market intelligence that allows us to make appropriate and timely decisions.

KEYTEX has some of the regions top technical energy professionals including engineers, quantitative analysts, and former utility executives with a combined experience level of well over 100 years in the industry.

Want to get PAID for agreeing to curtail your energy usage? KEYTEX is one of a select few providers that can offer BOTH emergency AND economic energy curtailment programs.

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